Wednesday, January 25, 2012

10,000 Reasons.

My Foster Mommy wrote about 10,000 Reasons to Foster a Pit Bull.

#1 Save a life! Many VERY nice dogs, and especially pit bulls, at euthanized every week. By fostering one of these dogs, you buy them the extra time they need to find a new, loving home.

(Boomer used to be a foster dog, too. My Foster Auntie used to be his Foster Mom but now she is just his Mom. He was saved by the bell, just like me. Phew. I'm so glad we both found foster moms to keep us safe.)

#2 Try dog ownership- risk-free! If you have never owned a dog before, fostering is the PERFECT way to see if owning a dog is right for you.

#3 All the fun with less commitment! You get all the joy of having a canine companion, without having to commit to taking care of a dog for many years. Some fosters are only for a couple of weeks, while others are more open ended- you can choose what works for you!

#4 Meet great people. Pit bull rescue volunteers are WONDERFUL people who will gladly help you in many ways to make the foster experience enjoyable for you and your foster dog.

#5 Be happier! Nothing brightens your day like the uninhibited joy of your foster pit bull when you get home.

#6 Never watch TV alone. Nobody wants to watch that show that you love? Your foster dog will!

#7 You can afford it! All expenses for a foster dog (food, vet care, etc.) are covered by a rescue organization- you provide a warm space, friendly words, and loving care!

#8 Laugh more! Dogs get hiccups and sometimes snore/snort when they sleep- both are very amusing.

(Obviously this is not true in my case. It would not be very princessly to snore or snort. I have no idea where she got this information.)

#9 Get great dates (if you are single)! Attractive people will approach you to inquire about your beautiful dog.

#10 Feel safe. Want to take a walk in the evening? No problem with a lovely Pit bull by your side.

#11 Get fit! Daily walks get you in great shape.

#12 Be admired! Strangers will ask you about the ‘blood-line’ of your awesome dog. (And you can have fun making something up.)

#13 You don’t HAVE to say good-bye! In most cases, if you fall in love with your foster dog… You don’t have to say good-bye. You can be a “foster failure” and adopt your dog permanently.

(I wonder if FM is thinking about this. I think she and I suit each other pretty well.)

#14-10,000 See #1

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