Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Boomer and Me.

Boomer is my best friend. He is blue and I am red, so together we are purple.

I first met him soon after I came to live with Foster Mommy. I greeted him from atop my Outdoor Throne in My Park.

Boomer lives with Foster Auntie and The Little Boy and Tozi and Libby and Thunder and some other humans. Tozi is the Queen and I know better than to do anything she does not want. I am a good Princess in that respect. And every other respect.

Boomer and I like to go for walks in different places, like the woods.

We also like to play in the backyard of the House of Tozi. Sometimes we run and run and he cannot catch me unless I slow down for him a little. And then when we have had enough running, we wrestle. I make lots of noise and sometimes have to remind him just Who is the Princess around here anyway.

Boomer is very handsome but he is not very royal. For example, he does not mind puddles or mud at all. In fact, he likes to splash around in the pond in his back yard. Then we have to wait until he is dry before we can go in.

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