Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All About Me.

My name is Princess Hazel, and I am a Foster Dog Extraordinaire. I am here to tell you all about fostering and All About Me.

First, how it started. My royal character was not always appreciated. I used to live in a place in South Florida where there were a lot of bugs and I did not get to live inside, but I had my brothers and cousins and I didn't know any better.

Then my cousins Reuben and Ritz and I were all left at a place called a shelter in a place called Clewiston. It was hard and bare and there were still bugs.

Fortunately, my specialness showed itself and the First Nice Lady noticed me. She said I was a really nice dog and that she did not want anything bad to happen to me. So FNL showed the pictures of me and my cousins to another nice lady, the Crazy Cat Woman.

Crazy Cat Woman said "That is not a cat!"

But she decided to help us anyway. She found some crazy dog women to do all sorts of things for us, and before I knew it I met CCW and she put me in her car and we were having a Road Trip to Gainesville!

When I got to Gainesville I met my Foster Mommy. She had never lived with a dog before, but she knew a crazy dog woman who is really my Foster Auntie, and FM had been thinking that maybe she should try living with a dog to see how it was. Lucky for her, she got ME -- the Perfect Princess of Foster Dogs.

So that is how I came to live in Gainesville in a little blue house with my own throne and bones and toys in it, and a park just across the street, and lots of friends who come to play with me and invite me over to their house. (Oh, and Reuben and Ritz also came to Gainesville and have their own special Foster Mom. Phew.)

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