Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How My True Nature Came To Be Known

At first, my royal character was not well known. I was like Princess Anastasia, living among ordinary folks while hiding my princessly identity. To start with, I gave subtle clues. I walked nicely on my leash and never pulled. I never made a mess in the house. I never barked. I greeted all my new friends with lots of friendly enthusiasm. I was perfect. My Foster Mommy and all others who met me noticed this. My Uncle Chris, who is my FM's housemate, said "There is nothing wrong with this dog!"

However, FM and my other friends did not make the perfection-royalty connection at first, so I had to be a little more obvious. I showed signs of Princess-like delicacy. For example, I refused to step in puddles. Ever. They thought that was very cute, but still did not put two + two together. Then I showed them that instead of sleeping inside a den, I preferred to sit atop my throne.

Finally FM put two and two together. Hazel is a Princess Among Us! That is why she is so perfect, so refined, so dainty. She told Foster Auntie that I am a princess, and FA got me a t-shirt to celebrate my identity. Then FM and The Little Boy painted my toenails blue.

The t-shirt says "Pit Bull Princess," even though you can't tell in the picture. And that's what I am. So now you know.

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