Friday, January 27, 2012

Good Morning.

As a princess, I have many social obligations. Sometimes my weekend duties begin early. On Thursday evening, for example, I had a dinner invitation. I took Foster Mommy along because she likes to get out of the house. Then we got back a little late but Uncle Chris needed some company, so I stayed up even later with him after FM went to bed.

So Friday morning I thought I would get to sleep in just a bit. But FM decided it was a great day for an early morning walk. I tried to decline politely by pretending I was not awake. She is not always good at taking subtle hints, however. Even though I kept my eyes closed tight, she put my leash on and tried to persuade me to leave my throne.

Um, FM, I don't think opening the door to show me that it is RAINING is a good way to persuade me to go outside. I'm a princess, remember? We don't get our feet wet. Please go away and come back when the weather is better.

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